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Finding Idun

Finding Idun is a narrative driven adventure game with puzzle elements. Travel to Jötunheimr as Loki to free Idun, a kidnapped Goddess.

When the great giant Thjazi tricked Loki into promising to bring her to him, Loki had no choice but to comply. Loki led Idun (the goddess who possessed her magic apples of youth, the same apples that kept the gods young) out to the woods, Thjazi swept down in eagle form and took Idun away to his home in Jötunheimr.

When the gods of Asgard learned of this deceit Loki was forced to set out on a adventure to Jötunheimr to retrieve Idun from the giant's home.

Also be sure to get the free "Finding Idun Companion" app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Be on the look out for 4 digit pins in game to enter into the app and unlock more story content.


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Man, this is a sweet ass concept! Downloading now! Also, if you're gonna make a sequel, I humbly request that time Thor had to dress as Thrym's bride